Let the games begin YO! I've been binging all the Breaking Bad episodes to get caught up prior to Tuesday's big premiere event at the Egyptian Theater.

I was here for the finale event that Aaron Paul put on at the Egyptian Theater and it was cray for sure. This might be a little different and we have tickets in the morning. Aaron Paul is about to take his own contest to social media and this should be fun.

Listen to Keke and Kat each morning for tickets almost every hour because somehow they just keep popping up. That said, Aaron is doing his own contests for his fans and it's already started across the country. You DO realize that Boise will be first to see the movie before anyone else? Aaron will be in attendance. Let's jump in and see what's happening with his current scavenger hunt happening.

It looks like there's gonna be a hashtag #huntforjessie if you're following on Twitter. We'll be waiting for the lucky interview if we get it to uncover all the Kissclusive details. If there is one thing that I admire so much about Aaron is his love for the fans and his hometown. You don't have to be a fan to respect that. I've noticed these are some pretty big contests he does and you never know who might be here.

We will keep you informed with whatever Aaron Paul does or who he brings. I was watching from the very beginning and there is a scene where Jesse is at home with his family. Jesse was trying to fix himself but was lost at the same time. His family hit a wall and decided enough was enough. I felt that moment. How many parents have been in that situation where they had to make a difficult choice to hopefully make their kids figure it out.

I just happen to work with Aaron's mother and she is one of the most amazing women I've ever met. I grabbed her outside of the studio last week because I had to know. What did it feel like watching your son get kicked out on the street? I thought she was going to drop tears right there because she said it was devastating. I would say the series is great because I'm biased but they won several awards so that must mean I'm not alone.

Keep listening to us for the tickets and follow Aaron Paul on Twitter and Instagram. Here's my favorite speech but I love both his speeches because he shows love to Idaho and his amazing wife. Love both of these.

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