Aaron Paul has kept busy since Breaking Bad, most recently spending a few season as a series regular on Hulu’s since-cancelled The Path and voicing our favorite beaning-wearing, dentist-clown-business-starting asexual on BoJack Horseman. Now he’s going to hang with some robots.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul is joining the cast of Westworld. He’ll be a series regular on the third season of the HBO series, but like all things concerning Westworld, details around who he’ll play are being kept under wraps. That’ll make him the second Breaking Bad star to pop up in the western robot world following Giancarlo Esposito’s cameo this past season.

So where did Westworld last leave off? As fans of the show know – and spoiler alert for those not caught up, obviously – Season 2 ended with the Hosts reaching the Valley Beyond, Bernard killing Dolores in the Forge, and then taking her consciousness pearl and putting it inside a Host copy of Charlotte. The Charlotte/Dolores left the park with a bag full of pearls and went to Bernard’s home on the mainland. So with the park gone, one guess is Paul could play a human Guest Charlotte/Dolores encounters on the mainland. Or maybe the show will find a way to introduce new Hosts, because I’d sure love to see Paul as a robot. Honestly, who the heck knows!

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