When one things of a county's "Board of Health", they probably think of a conference room table surrounded by medical and health professionals that are working around the clock with the safety and well-being of their residents in mind. Once you look under the hood, you realize that's not exactly what the board consists of. In Ada County, the Board of Health is actually led by several politicians and on that board sits one medical doctor--not anymore.

You may recall months ago the heated community debate when the Ada County Commissioners chose to appoint Raul Labrador, a lobbyist and former politician to the Board of Health over Dr. Sky Blue--the State of Idaho's leading expert on infectious disease.  This decision was made amid a global pandemic when one would assume that more medical professionals would be a good thing. According to commissions Beck & Davidson who are both newly appointed this year: the board didn't need more that one doctor on it.

Now, we're learning that these same two commissioners, Beck and Davidson, are speaking out on not renewing Dr. Ted Epperly's position on the Central District's Board of Health. Epperly has served in this role since 2006.

According to Rod Beck, Epperly doesn't represent the community.

According to Ryan Davidson, Epperly had "doomsday predictions" during the pandemic and none of them came true and he cannot support re-appointment "in good conscience".

Now, if you're a resident in Ada, Boise, Elmore, or Valley Counties--your Board of Health does not have one single medical doctor on the Board of Health. Many in our community are voicing concern however the bylaws do require a physician sit on the board. Soon we will see who the Ada County Commissioners see fit.  During his initial interviews, the members invited Dr. Sky Blue to return for candidacy later in the year if Dr. Epperly was no longer on the board.  Their treatment of Dr. Blue, however, seemed to indicate he's not the person they want.

Do you believe that political agendas are beginning to take over everyday concerns, such as health decisions?  Comment below.

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