It's time to REALLY watch your speed while driving in Ada County--in more places than just your dashboard.

Remember when you were a kid (or maybe I was only the one weird enough to do this) and you would ride your bike as fast as you could towards digital speed limit signs? I remember getting SO EXCITED when the Nampa Police would drop off one of those speed signs on a street near my house. I would run and bike towards them all day trying to see how fast I could go.

Now that I'm driving a car more days than I'm on a bicycle...these things aren't so fun. Ada County, in an effort to decrease speeding, will be installing 50 permanent versions of these signs, all across the county. The cost of the signs isn't cheap, checking out at over $130,000 EACH.  Officials are hoping the investment will slow cars down.

Do you slow down when you see you're going OVER?

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