Idaho has seen a shocking spike in traffic deaths over the past year. One, that has put Idaho top of the list for traffic deaths in the nation.


Remember this 40-car-pile up?


Idaho Car Crash Footage from Fremont County Local Released



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  Idaho Locals Chime In:   This horrific accident may have been weather inclined, but here is what Idaho locals have been saying about the bad driving:  


What Idahoans have to say about Spike in Traffic Deaths

Try not to spike out your coffee, lol


Now, back to the story about Idaho’s spike in traffic deaths is the HIGHEST in the nation.


According to this article by Idaho State Journal and the National Highway Safety Administration, Idaho has seen a record spike in traffic deaths last year. 


Here’s what we know:


Idaho's Horrifying Lead in National Traffic Deaths



Increase in Drunk Driving Accidents


There also has been a stark increase in drunk driving accidents. Here is an example of an Idaho man and father of a 3-year-old that he had dropped off only hours before being hit by a drunk driver. 


Here’s the story:


Father of 3-Year Old Hit by Drunk Driver in Caldwell


And if you need even more reason to not drink and drive, here is the TRUE cost of a DUI.


Two Locals Discuss the TRUE Cost of Receiving a DUI in Idaho

DUI's are so common in Idaho, yet they are rarely talked about. Read what two locals have to say about their personal experiences of recently receiving this complicated charge.


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