Adam West was your first Batman and resided right her in Idaho. I know the Treasure Valley Comic-Con was trying to get the superhero, but it was too late. It should be his last request that should truly inspire you.

2016 New York Comic Con - Day 1
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When I say, Batman, you say? Ben Affleck? Christian Bale? There are so many of us who didn't see the original television series in black and white. You may have accidentally come across a color re-run, watch for a few seconds, and immediately look for the real thing. I hate to break it to you that Adam West was the O.G. of Batmans. The world lost it's caped crusader a few weeks ago, but we all missed this.

Adam West had one dying wished before he passed.

It's only fitting that the original Batman, Idahoan, and national treasure would make us proud by imploring his loyal fans to give to the kids. I know so many people who take part in Camp Rainbow Gold and what they did is priceless. Think of what would go through your mind during the last moments of your life. That just showed us his true character. Take a look at how other places honored the late and great Batman - Adam West.


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