Hi, my name is Tawsha Box and I'm obsessed with coloring. This has gone so far as to have "adult coloring nights" at my house. Sometimes, I'm away from home and need a coloring fix. You feel me, here? It's time to go to my app. Yep, there is one. 


As nerdy as it sounds, I love coloring. I was so excited when it actually became cool and I didn't have to pretend I was just hanging out with my son doing what he wanted to do. It never failed, every time my son would quit coloring (after about 10 minutes), I would still be there finishing up the page.

Let's also talk about the fact that the Boise Library hosts adult coloring nights. I mean, seriously, this is the best thing ever.

You're just as addicted, aren't you?

I have colored pencils and markers and have now succumbed to the gel pens craze.Oh, I'm so in. My artwork looks like a freaking masterpiece. It's even on the fridge. No, I'm not kidding. The more I write about coloring, the more I feel like I should delete this whole post and pretend like I'm way cooler than it seems BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!

Check out the app Colorfy. You can color from your phone and it's free.

Coloring 2


Open your app and choose your category. I chose FAMOUS for famous artwork. Whatever, it's just an app. Go with it.


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Now start choosing colors and color away. You can zoom in and out just like you would any other image on your screen.


Remember that time when I actually got work done? Yeah, those days are gone. Coloring on my phone, here I come!

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