I don't typically write about national things unless they touch right her in the Treasure Valley. That said, this is coming and that makes this a big local story. It's so funny the things you think of when being a new parent. I would have moved right over this story, but that's when I thought about my family.

This is what happened during our annual child abuse prevention campaign, Live For 175.

Lennox Draws on the walls while daddy is gone.

That's our son's beautiful display of crayon creativity while daddy is gone. I'm sure you have so many more photos of your kids or even something you did! I would love to see those - send them to my email kekeluv@gmaill.com for a recap post 🔥

This brings up to the car of the future. I think? Hertz car rentals is releasing a new car in which the entire interior is made like a coloring book. What's that look like you're probably wondering?

That's right! Hertz UK has actually been the ones testing these and the company specifically targets the, "are we there yet" moments. This first coloring-in car experience for those long trips! Think about that for one second and how brilliant. If you're looking to choose a car and one of the choices was a coloring experience which would choose?

The best part is the return. Just return the car and Hertz will clean it up for the next guests. Boom! Sign me up! Check out this video of kid experts that tested it out. Still waiting on further United States availability. Get more from Hertz's website.