Idaho has gone full-blown Dateline now.  I just came across this story on KTVB and it just proves that NOTHING in Idaho should shock or surprise you.  First off, this girl is an adult film actress that goes by the name Lynn Pleasant.  That doesn't really have much to do with this crazy story but it sure sounds like the beginning of some Dateline episode don't you think?

Katrina Danforth of Post Falls, Idaho allegedly wanted the father of her child dead.  She didn't just want it.  She put a plan into action and her plan completely blew up in her face.

Let's go over her plan first.  Now we obviously don't have all the details and an ongoing investigation will most likely shed light on a lot of this but we do know the basics and the basics are this...

  • Danforth found what she thought was a hitman
  • Danforth agreed to pay the "hitman" $5,000 to commit the murder
  • Danforth sent half the money in advance

What Danforth didn't know is that her so-called hitman was an undercover cop.  Yep.  Not good!  She planned to send the other half of the money when the job was done but that obviously never happened.  Danforth ended up in jail and she just pled guilty to attempting to hire a hitman.

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