Is it me or can you feel the change in walking down the street or at the grocery store? I think it's hard to say but as we roll through this coronavirus it's becoming more clear.

I was at Albertson's last night grabbing a few things that other stores didn't have. We've been doing most of our shopping online with delivery. Tonight I had to run in and it was more evident that our lives in public have probably changed.

We heard that Albertson's was planning on implementing changes in the check-out aisle but didn't think they would move so fast. I was walking towards checking out tonight and they have placed red signs that actually tell you how far you should be from each other. Does that seem odd to you? It shouldn't because I was in line and there was a guy right up on me in line paying zero attention. It's obvious we need these signs.

Photo by: kekeluv
Photo by: kekeluv

I wouldn't typically get annoyed but for some reason I did tonight. This threat is very real and so many of us are still treating it as like this will be over soon. Will it? While I'm writing this I just received a text alert from KTVB saying one of Target's employees is positive for the coronavirus.

Albertsons was running audio messages to customers about the correct ways to social distance as I was on aisle 10. I ran back towards the frozen sections and noticed those social distance stickers also went as far back as the pharmacy. You need to cough or sneeze in line? They put up close just to make sure your germs to fly across to the checker. I asked and that's a real thing so good for them.

Tonight was an indication that life as we know it might have just changed. Albertson's could have just laid the groundwork out for future businesses.

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