Ahh, Boise, Idaho.  Beautiful outdoors. Gorgeous foothills. Booming and clean downtown. Locally brewed beer. Dog lovers everywhere. Oh, and pollen.

Have you found yourself sneezing a lot lately? If so, you're not alone-- I feel ya on this one. I have felt TERRIBLE over the last couple of days and I am getting really sick of the "oh wow, you're sick, stay away from me" jokes in the hall!  There's no confusing this feeling with any other: something in the air is AWFUL. Breathing sucks and even inside my house my entire face just feels uncomfortable.

Sure, my "allergies are bad" right now, but here's what I had no idea about: I'm far from alone. Boise is actually on the map for some of the worst conditions right now!

I was reading up online about what on earth could be in the air that is effecting me so bad and while my guess is the "Ragweed Pollen" that is allegedly super high all week, here's what I learned: among the entire nation, Boise, Idaho is suffering the most this week!

Nationally, Boise, Idaho ranks fourth for the highest pollen counts. Only Waco, Texas, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Dallas, Texas rank higher-- respectively. Pollen count ranks come from totaling the highest amounts of grass, tree, and ragweed pollen in the air in any given city.

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