We here about "fake news" all the time, these days. So we should really make sure we are protecting our First Amendment rights.  But what rights does the First Amendment guarantee?  A recent survey conducted for the Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company, almost 6 in 10 couldn't accurately name what the First Amendment include.  The survey also found most Americans are clueless about the Bill Of Rights(the first 5 amendments to the Constitution btw).  These are rights the government doesn't grant you, they are inalienable, so the government must protect them.

It's sad, that out of 2000 adults surveyed less than half know what the First Amendment protects.  However 84% say that freedom of speech, is the most important thing to protect.

From the studyfinds.org survey,  Alan C. Miller, founder and CEO of the News Literacy Project remarked "The online epidemic of misinformation, false news stories and election disinformation campaigns pose significant threats to democratic rights. The respondents’ alarm is well-placed,” The News Literacy Project, is a national nonpartisan education nonprofit that teamed up with Samuel Hubbard to bring awareness to the First Amendment.

What does the First Amendment protect?  Most people say "the right to free speech" and you wouldn't be wrong, if you did.  What else does it protect?  Take the Quiz and find out, to see if you know as much about our Constitution as you should.



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