Today is Cinco de Mayo and normally, it would be a crazy busy night in downtown Boise and this past weekend would have been FULL of parties as well. No, it isn't Mexican Independence Day. Yes, it's a cultural celebration. YES-- I'm all for celebrating and being a little extra Latino today.

A few months ago, Mikey and I discovered Amano-- a locally owned and operated restaurant in downtown Caldwell near Indian Creek Plaza. We dropped in for some tacos and little did we know we'd leave wanting more of EVERYTHING. Amano is a new and booming spot that has a little of everything-- Amano in Spanish means "by hand"--and if that's not the case. Everything at Amano is freshly prepared and made...BY HAND. You can taste and feel the difference. From the tacos, to the apps, to the drinks.

I'm really excited to share that today, on Cinco De Mayo, I've got Amano joining me on the air. we'll be enjoying some tacos and going live to talk about Cinco De Mayo drinks you can make in the comfort of your own home tonight or any time this week!

Make sure you have us on at 5:00 p.m. and be ready to check out our in-studio bartender!

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