"We will be permanently closing our doors on July 22nd, 2017."

It's one of the opening lines on the sign hanging in Mongolian Grill & Bar's window at 8th Street and Bannock.  After I told you about the three Downtown and Broadway Area restaurants that mysteriously closed withing weeks of each other, we got a listener tip from Chantelle H. about Mongolian's last days. The sign goes on to explain that the restaurant did not receive an offer to renew their lease and that decision to close the doors came quickly. After 12 years, Saturday will be their last day in the downtown location.  Some of the staff from the restaurant will be moving to the location on State Street.

So what may be moving in? According to our friend Don at Boise Dev, local taco truck favorite, "The Funky Taco" is eyeing the location.  Back in March, they posted a rendering of the remodeled location on their Facebook page  The rendering included a total remodel of the store front, "The Funky Taco" signage and some remodeled patio seating.

Never had a "funky taco" before? The concept is really cool.  They use Asian, Indian, Mexican and Americana food in their constantly changing menu.  Why does the menu evolve so much? They are religious supporters of local farmers and pick the ingredients that are in season here in the Treasure Valley.

Want to try their tacos before the brick and mortar location opens? Look for "The Funky Taco's" air stream trailer every Saturday at the Boise Farmer's Market.

Also Closing Downtown

I'm bummed that the place my fiance and I enjoyed our first Valentine's Day together is also closing it's doors.  Chef John Berryhill announced that his two ventures "Berryhill" and "Bacon" will no longer operate in the same space.  He's closing the fine-dining restaurant "Berryhill" in favor of lengthening "Bacon's" hours from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

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