A few months back, the Farmer's Almanac for 2018 released their predictions for our upcoming winter, and few were excited about the idea of more snow.  Now, it's happened again.

Although, this time, there may be more faith in the forecast since it's from trained meteorologists and those with perhaps more "traditional" scientific backgrounds.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has now released their outlook for the coming winter, and they warn, the country will be divided into a north and a southern segment, and each will experience very different conditions.

Their Climate Prediction Center says the warmer and drier winter we might hope for will likely be experienced by the southern portion of the country.  We're likely to experience a cooler, wetter, and yes, more snowy winter than typical years.

Didn't we do that last year?  Haven't we suffered enough?

The big factor is the concept of "La Nina" which can have a drastic impact on the weather throughout the season, even though the event itself is short-lived.  It's also only a prediction, but certainly doesn't make most of us excited to hear that's what we would be looking at.

For more on this and a deeper explanation for what we could experience, check out coverage from KIVI TV 6.

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