It's one of the most secretive military sites in the world.  Area 51 is now the subject of an international movement to storm it's secretive area.  The brouhaha over the "Storm Area 51" initiative may have fizzled earlier in the week, but that hasn't stopped Arby's from taking a last-minute stab at getting in on some free publicity.

Reps for the fast food restaurant say an Arby's food truck will be dispatched to Area 51 on September 20th to feed everyone who turns out for the proposed raid. "We can’t confirm if there are aliens at Area 51, but, if they do show up, they deserve the best meats on Earth," Arby's chief marketing officer Jim Taylor said Friday.

"If not, Arby’s will still be there serving the planet’s best meats to everyone else attending this historic event." Plans to raid the Nevada government facility began to take shape on June 27th, when Matty Roberts created a Facebook page called "Storm Area 51: They Can't Stop All of Us." Although it was meant to be a joke, 1.9 million signed up to attend, while another 1.4 million clicked "interested."

The U.S. Air Force has since issued a statement saying the September 20th raid would not be a good idea. Do you think anyone's really going to show up for this thing? Do you believe there are more than just military secrets in Area 51?

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