I've been a Boise State fan for at least 11 years. Shortly after I moved here in 2007 Boise State had just beaten Oklahoma in its first Fiesta Bowl and I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. The next few years didn't disappoint, as it seemed like the team was unstoppable. Kellen Moore was the winningest QB in college football history complimented by legitimate superstars like Doug Martin and Ryan Clady. Winning was expected and happened every Saturday.

Fast forward to 2018 and it's a bit of a different team. As highlighted by this KTVB article.

Boise State hangs on to beat Nevada 31-27

The game included four lead changes in the first half, and both teams scored on their first two possessions of the second half.
I mean, yea we won! And that's great but we used to manhandle teams like Nevada (except for the Collin Capernick Game). My Uber driver last night was legitimately disappointed in the win, remembering about the "good ole days" on the way home. Times change and our Broncos are good, so are we just spoiled from the almost decade of non-stop winning?

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