If there's one thing that everyone in Boise can agree is at the top of just about every news publication, it's housing. Perhaps it's because that same topic is also at the top of everyone's minds. Our jobs, our livelihoods, our finances--it all points back to how or frankly, our ability, to live in this amazing area.

There is no shortage of construction projects in the Treasure Valley and it seems that most of them, are apartments, condos, duplexes...housing units that can collect rent.

Who is building them and how much are they expecting us to pay?

More and more the answer is: developers from outside of Idaho...and...a lot. 

A new build in Boise has many online talking about 1-bedroom units going for over $2,000. We looked into it and they're correct.

Here's a look at the inside of these apartments and their community areas:

Boise's Newest Apartments Have Some Spending Over $2,000

These aren't cheap--do you think they're worth it?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

After looking at these photos, do you see anything that screams '2 Grand' to you!?

There's no doubt: a brand new building with brand new amenities is certainly nice. But for $2,000, a one-bedroom unit seems like a bit of a stretch. Zillow estimates these units are just above 700-square-feet.

The developers appear to be a company called 'Cushing Terrell', which according to LinkedIn, is based out of Billings, Montana.

Named 'The Mill', the units are just off of Parkcenter Boulevard and don't offer much of a view of the city by any means--but a convenient location (sort of) to Boise State's campus and to the city's beloved greenbelt.

Justified or Obnoxious? We want your thoughts on these units.

See them for yourself, HERE.

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