It doesn't take much to get Boise concert goers excited in the summertime. Whether the act is a certified A-lister or a one-hit-wonder, something just 'clicks' in the city once the sun comes out to play and the temperatures rise.

Sure, this summer will offer plenty of great concerts to the Treasure Valley.

But what about Comedy Shows?

Boise seems to not be a town that gets a ton of major comedy acts but recently, it seems that our funny bone has been tickled and spoiled. Just weeks ago, Tom Segura was live at ExtraMile Arena. We also recently announced that George Lopez will be returning to The Morrison Center this summer.

Yet another comedy show was announced just this morning by ExtraMile arena--this one will surely be popular: Theo Von.

With millions of followers, views, and YouTube subscribers to his popular podcast, Boise is sure to get excited for his visit to town. He's also no stranger to Netflix, where he has his own specials!

See the announcement above for more ticket details and that coveted pre-sale code.

While there aren't a ton of major comedy shows coming to the Treasure Valley this summer--there are a ton of really great concerts. Here's a look at who you can expect to see in the Treasure Valley so far: 

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