I think it's a safe bet to say there are more people on the roads now than at any point in our cities history. It's important for pedestrians and motorist to remain vigilant on the roads here in the Treasure Valley. Unfortunately, a man on a bicycle in on Chinden Road was not so lucky today.

Police said a 66-year-old Boise man died Friday after being struck by a vehicle while crossing Chinden Boulevard in Garden City.
Garden City Police and Ada County Paramedics were called at around 5:15 p.m. to an injury accident on Chinden, just west of Dresden Place.
Police determined that a man was walking north across Chinden when he was hit by a vehicle heading east on Chinden. The man wasn't walking in a marked crosswalk.

This tragic story is one that can happen so easily. I don't talk about this often but I've actually hit a pedestrian with my car. It happened so quickly and was obviously an accident, the man escaping with minor bumps and bruises, but it happened. I wasn't texting, I wasn't distracted, I just didn't see him then boom. Stay safe out there Boise.

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