We all know that this is the worst the pandemic has been in the Treasure Valley. Back in March we would hear about 10-20 new cases per day, today the Idaho COVID-19 positivity rate is at 19.4 %. One county in Idaho is at 44%. If you want to bring it closer to home Ada county is at 18% while Boise county is at 16.3%, Canyon county is at 19% according to the Southwest District Health. Here's some more perspective... the COVID-19 cases In Idaho are now over 100,000 with almost 1,000 deaths. The question in my mind is... Are Treasure valley residents being irresponsible during the pandemic? Why would I ask such a thing? Other than the numbers I just pointed out, let me share an observation from my Thanksgiving travels.

Yes, I know holiday travel was not recommended this past weekend, being that as it may I boarded four different flights in 4 days. On the flight from Boise to Las Vegas everyone wore masks and as far as I could see they were genuinely interested in social distancing. The airline I was on only filled two thirds of the plane so that the middle seats would be empty and that was much appreciated. The other two flights I took we're similar in nature however the flight back to Boise, the one with all of OUR people, that was a different story. It seemed like half the people thought they were at a restaurant, the minute they sat down the masks came off. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing, stewardess were constantly asking passengers to put their masks back on. There were more mask around people necks than mouths and noses. Do we really have that little regard for our neighbors? Was it just the California transplants that were flying back here? or are Treasure valley residents being irresponsible during the pandemic?

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