It is crazy how over the years, social media has grown into the monster that it has. I'm not sure how many people still remember MySpace, but that was my first experience with social media. It's only gotten crazier from there. Along with social media comes, for many, social anxiety and pressure. Do I look good? Will people think that I'm living this super awesome, head-banging lifestyle? It is these types of pressures and anxieties, especially among young kids, that have made Instagram reconsider actually displaying how many likes photos get (and yes, that change is coming in the next few weeks).

All of this said, we all have one of those people on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that is a little annoying. With the political climate we currently have, it seems that more times than not, political posts cause a lot of social media grief. What are you doing about that? I can't tell you how many times I've seen something that I felt was ignorant posted and gotten stuck thinking of all of the things I would love to say back...but mute myself instead.

Well, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we now have a National Unfriend Day and it's a great way to get rid of any social media tension. Cut ties with the exes that you don't need to be creeping, the overly-political acquaintances, and the unhealthy social media relationships and UNFRIEND, today!

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