One of my very favorite local businesses had to shut down one of their locations recently and I was heartbroken. It was a loud reminder that even though we're out and about even a little more than we were, say, three or four months ago, supporting local remains crucial.

I was heartbroken to see my friend make the difficult decision to close his business--the second location for him--that was thriving over the past year. I know that he isn't alone.

When Idaho initiated the Stay-At-Home Order, it felt like a total shock to us all to have so few places to go and so few things to do. Now, our options have opened up quite a bit--even if we aren't back to "normal". As our mindsets adjust, it's easy to forget...local businesses are still fighting to stay open and supporting is just as crucial now as it was in the Spring.

Here at 103.5 KISS FM we get that--and want to show some love around town.

Post up and let us know which local businesses are your favorites and could use some love!

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