Every homeowner will tell you that their mailbox is constantly full with ads for "home services". It seems like ads appear daily from lawncare, carpet cleaning and window installation businesses. We've all heard of buns of steel but as far as I'm concerned Bins of Steel is more my speed. Confused? let me explain...

The other day I discovered something that most homeowners can use... Bins of Steel. Most of us have walked out to put trash in our city approved trash bin only to gag from the horrific smell that slaps us in the face the moment we open the lid. If that sounds familiar and the thought of disinfecting the pool of bacteria makes you want to throw up... I have a solution for you... Bins of Steel.

Here's is the "why" behind the company according to their website:

"Garbage bins require regular cleaning to avoid them from becoming a potentially serious health hazard. Dirty trash cans can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. The pungent smell alone can attract rats and flies, not to mention maggots and other nasty critters that can contain dangerous diseases transferable to humans!

Bacteria That Can Lurk in Your Garbage Bin May Include:

E. Coli
Mold from Food
And Many More "

As our city and state continue to grow the diversity of businesses that are popping up is great and while in my opinion some are useless, I will gladly pay for someone to clean my trash cans. Check out the technology that is used to effectively disinfect your garbage bins by clicking here.

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