From Jan. 17-21, five human-caused avalanches occurred in the Sawtooth Mountain range alone.

Yeah, the Sawtooths aren't IN the Treasure Valley, but they are an easy day-trip or weekend getaway for many Treasure Valley adventure seekers.

Not to mention, Highway 21, the eastern north-bound through-way out of Boise was shut down over the weekend because of the threat of avalanche.

The most recent, according to data released by the Sawtooths Avalanche Center, on Jan. 21, was a human-triggered avalanche in the Sawtooths caused by a skier and snowboarder going out of bounds.

Luckily, although the skier was completely buried, both were able to dig themselves out and escape unharmed.

That very easily could have not been the case.

We all would like to think we are able to cheat death and escape the crowd and go for that fresh powder run of a lifetime. Some people like to push it to the limit, and I very much respect that, but we encourage you to weigh the severity of the consequence.

We all want the run of a lifetime, but have you seriously considered taking precaution to ensure it is not the LAST of your lifetime?

"Picture riding a bike downhill at 30 miles per hour and jumping into a forest," the release from the Center said. " usually doesn't end well."

Have you included avalanche safety into your next serious run up the mountain?

Sawtooth Avalanche, Idaho Parks and Recreation, REI, Payette Avalanche Center and more offer essential avalanche safety and survival courses. We highly suggest checking them out.

When you know the situation you are in and are approaching it with confidence, you can go that further, that much faster, that much harder.

The more you know, the more aware and educated you are of your surroundings, the less likely you are to forget the mountain is stronger and more unpredictable than you are.

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