Alright, we get it-- it's a total "first world problem" but yes, we want to talk about it. What is going on with the water in Boise?

Imagine running the shower and wondering if someone "relieved themselves" in there. Then, turning to your toilet only to see that apparently you never flushed--but you did. You then go to the sink to wash your hands and it looks like that water is coming right out of the toilet as well. There's seemingly nowhere to go to drink or wash because the water just looks totally contaminated.

That's what many in Southeast Boise were and are experiencing the last several days.

You might recall that for the longest time, Boise residents living on the bench were getting no "clarity"--pun intended--on their brown water situation. After total panic last night at our home in Southeast Boise, it seems we found the cause.

Suez is the company that oversees water in the City of Boise and after a long night of nasty water--and a quick call--we learned that it was indeed due to some flushing of the water lines.

When it came to diagnosing the issue--one thing gave it all away. Only the cold water was turning brown. Warm and hot water, coming from the water heater, was totally clear which seemed to isolate the issue. While technically, there was nothing unsafe about the brown water--if bottled or filtered water is an option in your home, you might as well lean on that. It took about 12-hours for our water to snap back to normal.

Interested in seeing if your water lines are being serviced or if there's an outage/issue? Click HERE.

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