Spring in the Treasure Valley. Longer days, warmer temperatures and potholes, lot's of potholes. If you aren't familiar, potholes are holes that form in the road. They are created by water seeping in under the road, expanding as it freezes and contracting as it unfreezes. All of this expanding and contracting leaves weak, brittle spots on the street. When heavy cars and trucks pass over, they can displace pieces of the road leaving potholes.

Living in Idaho, dealing with potholes is an unfortunate annoyance that we, unfortunately, have to deal with. Luckily, ACDH has a solution. You can report the pothole on the ACDH website.

KTVB Reports:

ACHD needs help finding potholes, so they're promoting their annual campaign called "Pothole Days."

It's pretty simple, just go to their website and report the location of the pothole. An ACHD spokesperson said they could usually send a crew out within 24 hours to fix it, but it may take longer because of the promotion.

Fixing potholes could save thousands of dollars worth of damage to your car or truck. They can damage rims and tires and may even destroy the suspension in your vehicle.

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