If there is one thing that we all know by now, it's that the Treasure Valley is a pretty special place. Whether you're just visiting or call this area home--there is something for everyone to be a part of or to take part in. From amazing bars and restaurants to some of the world's best outdoors (literally)--we're lucky.

In a town as peaceful as Boise--one 'offensive' comedian made an awful lot of noise over the weekend.

Bert Kreischer, known for his crude sense of humor and often times labeled as an offensive guy, had a sell out crowd over at ExtraMile Arena on Saturday night. No matter how Boise might feel about the guy, he had a lot of feelings for Boise.

One would be hard pressed to find any negative feedback from Bert's visit to the Treasure Valley over the weekend: 

Bert Kreischer Visits Boise on Comedy Tour

Many say he's 'vulgar' and 'offensive'-- others say it's all a part of the act. Needless to say, Bert's fans were very happy to see him in Boise over the weekend!

Did you make it to the sold-out comedy show? 

While on stage, Bert shouted out the City of Boise and how kind folks around town were. Of course, that comes as no surprise to those of us that live here and understand that we all just operate at a "different pace" here. Bert also shared that he had an absolute blast floating the Boise River before his show--and that folks on the river were just as amazing!

The love for Boise didn't stop there--his tour posted not once but THREE TIMES on Instagram from the City of Trees-- once from the river, another time from the world famous blue turf, and a third time from ExtraMile Arena! Check these posts out, below:









We do find it funny that while he is known for taking his shirt off during his comedy routine--he left it on for the river float.

While growth here has proven that the "secret" is out--we've seen plenty of celebrities catch onto the Boise trend as well. It isn't uncommon to see folks from Hollywood wandering around our state. I suppose now, it's safe to assume we will soon be adding Bert to the list!

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