I've been organizing the hours of photographs taken at this year's Boise Music Festival. We had so much fun this year, but I love looking at it from your eyes. Here are some of the best moments according to your Instagram feeds.

I will showcase some of my photos at the Boise Music Festival from this year. I've been sifting through the hundreds and realized the best were in your Instagram feeds. I've attached some of mine and yours to give you a version of Boise Music Festival from your eyes. I love your pictures by the way! Make sure to always tag me @kekeluv and @kissboise so we get front row seats into your life.

Those are my dudes! I can't explain how much fun we have doing radio and these two guys remind me why every day. Chris Cruise (morning show host on Cruise & Box with Tawsha Box) is your typical dude with a BIG heart. You only have to nudge him a few times and he's all in for a crazy idea. Cruise doesn't care about being judged and just wants to have fun. This guy is a crazy competitor if you can't already notice by his focus in this shot. Mateo is our night guy homegrown from Canyon County. This guy's laugh is infectious and his personality is envious. Chris and Mateo became pretty close from day one working together and now they have formed a band. Well, let's just say a song for now. Make sure you "Tap Dat App Girl..."

Sean Kingston was our throwback artist this year and was also the launch for his upcoming project. I wasn't surprised by the buzz with EVERYONE who excited to see Sean Kingston and hear, "Beautiful Girl." This will be another performance for the records.

I saw a lot of BMF fans take pictures in front of this Graffiti art. Great to see you Courtney_jaeee

It's a_mermaid_thing @Expoidaho.

Things to check off your Boise Music Festival Bucket List next year - A chicken wang baby!

Thanks for the collage katie_grace1

Glad you loved them! I spoke to them before their performance and they were totally chill. They also signed some of these for me and I'm now saving a few for you lilbentleyb. I got you!

Photo by: kekeluv
Photo by: kekeluv

Oh, here are those Autographed Lanyards!


If anyone else wants one of those autographed Hey Violet limited edition lanyards, DM ya boy!

What's up ladies! #perfecthair and big shout out to everyone that go on stage with Flo Rida like Jordan_tayylor 🔥🔥🔥💋

Then there's jenner8her and I can't tell if they found this guy or what. Was he someone you THOUGHT was famous? Did you get that autograph girl??? Tell all!

Don't mess with the.laughing.mermaid in front of the Grafitti wall.

More to come and thanks again to everyone who came out to kick it with us! More memories on the way including some of my own galleries. Muah! If you have some other photos you wanna share - send them to my Instagram or kekeluv@1035kissfmboise.com.

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