Want to know how Beyonce gets that insane body? The singer just gave fans a rapid-fire tutorial, courtesy of her Instagram.

For a 15-second clip, we sure do see a lot. It starts with Bey doing some sort of standing crunch. It's clear she's working both her abs and her legs. Next move, she's doing a more traditional curl-up, holding either a free weight or a medicine ball. Our favorite part is when the video cuts to Beyonce doing reps with barbells -- although the clip is edited to look like she's about the box the camera. Sasha Fierce for sure.

But because she's Beyonce, the workout doesn't end there. She hops on and off a bench, she does lunges! Consider this your tutorial for how to succeed in everything. (Or at least prepping for swimsuit season!)

The coolest part is that the entire clip is set to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." It's the perfect fit for the video, since Beyonce pretty much embodies the lyrics, "Rising up, straight to the top / Had the guts, got the glory."

Bey shared the 15-second clip in honor of the fifth anniversary of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign. The initiative aims to tackle obesity, helping children to develop healthy eating and exercise habits. The First Lady recently promoted the cause on "Billy on the Street," choosing eating a carrot over Ariana Grande.

Want to work your way to a Beyonce bod? Crank up "Bootylicious" and check out her insane workout routine in the video above!

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