CraigsList is always a fun place to look for bargains. It always surprises me to see some of the things that are being sold or trying to be sold. So many things that should probably just be thrown away are purchased by people every day. Here are some interesting items that I found while checking out CraigsList this week.

VHS Holder

Boise CraigsList

Here's some 80's nostalgia! This case will hold all of your VHS tapes if you still have any. If not, these can still be useful for... books, maybe? It's only $13 in Star.


Boise CraigsList=

I didn't even know that these were still made. I haven't used one since typing class in my Freshman year of high school. That class is no longer offered, but for only $150 in Meridian, you can relive the days of life before "delete!"


Boise CraigsList

Because I'm not a hunter, I didn't know what this was before some Google research. For just $40, I was going to buy this and claim that I had found Bigfoot. No word on whether or not the mannequin head comes with the camouflage suit.

Slot Machine

Boise CraigsList

You need to start making a few extra bucks, and your plan to win the Power Ball so you can move out of your mom's basement is no longer an option. You can buy this slot machine for $2800 and build your own secret casino in your garage. Vegas was built on losers, not winners, and your slot machine could be the first step towards building your own house.

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