Black Rock Coffee Bar came to the Treasure Valley and changed the way we coffee. Now, with three more location openings planned, it may change the way you coffee, too. 

There's something about the sleek, clean white and black look with a pop of red that makes you feel like you're in a place where you've "made it". The sturdy wood tables, burned BR into the chairs and the decor that covers the wall is all locally-made. There's no place like home. Click your heels three times while you say it.

photo: Black Rock Coffee Bar

Chris and I have been at both grand openings - first in Meridian on Chinden and Linder and the other on Broadway just up from Boise State. The Broadway location is close to work so it makes for a good escape from the office and a chance for us to get some work done or get lost in a conversation about Comic Con with Mal (who is obsessed).

photo: Tawsha Box

Plug this into your phone: 2499 E. Fairview Ave. That's the rumored new location for Black Rock Coffee Bar with a hopeful opening date of about mid June. It's more than a rumor, though. Drive by... you'll see it. What you won't see is indoor seating. Because of the traffic and the fact that people (that's us) are so busy, a drive through location was the best choice. This is what we'll see when it's done.

image: Hatch Design and Black Rock Coffee Bar

The other two locations will be opening in the fall. One will be around Fairview and Cole and the other has yet to find a location. Care to chime in on where you think it should be? The only stipulation is that it's in Boise - or at least that's what Mike, the owner seems to think the location will be. Comment with where you want to visit the next Black Rock Coffee Bar.