Graduations along with Boise Music Festival have all seen cancellations this year. These, along with other cancellations and postponements have made for quite an interesting and lack-luster year so far. Just because we won't be gathering for Boise Music Festival, however, doesn't mean that here in the Treasure Valley thousands of graduation students from all levels of their education.

You have seen online the hundreds of "speeches" given to graduates from notable celebrities. Everyone from the cast of The Office to President Barack Obama has had something encouraging to say to those moving on to the next chapters in their lives. I came across the speech from Pitbull and wanted to share.

Pitbull has always been a positive, fun guy. Even on stage here at Boise Music Festival last summer he encouraged kindness and making a positive difference in our community and greater world. These are just staples in who he is an an artist. Check out the speech for yourself:

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