As soon as the flakes started flying on the valley floor, people started wondering when Bogus Basin would officially open for the season.  Call this year's opening a day after Christmas gift. 

As of Tuesday morning, Bogus opened the Morning Star, Superior Express, Bitterroot and Pine Creek Express lifts for the season. With those lifts up and running, thrill seekers have a chance to ride 45 alpine trails and 14 nordic trails.  The mountain sill needs a few more inches of the white stuff before they're ablate open the Deerpoint and Showcase lifts to the public.

There's a possibility that may happen just in time for New Year's Day.  Rain is in the forecast for the Treasure Valley on Friday evening which means higher elevations would see snowfall.  The crew at Bogus is monitoring the storm and hope to make an announcement of the mountain being open for full operations soon. Currently the mountain is open from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

If you love playing in the snow, but you're like me (the most uncoordinated human being alive) and don't ski or snowboard, Bogus's newest snow sport alternative is FINALLY open! The Glade Runner mountain coaster quietly opened last week.  Initial tickets are either $15 for a single rider or $25 for two people on a tandem ride. There are discounts for "re-rides" on the same business day. Tickets for the mountain coaster are available at the tubing hill, Simplot ticket window or Bogus Basin sales office at the bottom of the mountain.

Want to know what to expect on your ride? Check out this ride along video from Channel 6!

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