WalletHub, a website designed for personal finance, has put together a new survey that puts Boise among the best.

According to the survey, Boise has been named one of the safest cities in the United States--the survey put together a Top 100. Several factors were accounted for while compiling these results--35 of them to be exact.  Everything from road conditions to median credit scores...hate crimes to risk of natural disasters.

So where does Boise rank? We come in at #17, scoring an 82.95 overall index total. #1 was just 5 points ahead with an 87 (and the city, I've never head of, is Nashua, New Hampshire).

It seems Boise continues to top lists and in fact, we're the only city in the top 20 that is in the Northwest. While living in Spokane, Washington I witnessed more property crime and theft than I had ever seen. It makes me grateful I'm back in Boise, where I can forget to lock my car at night and literally be missing nothing the next morning.

To see the complete survey, click HERE.

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