We've had these awesome e-scooters on the streets of Boise for a few weeks now and while they're no longer the big popular "new" thing to try in town...I've noticed one thing: people sure don't stop smiling while they ride them.

I came across an article (you can read it, HERE), about how Portland, Oregon has canceled their trial run with these scooters and 2000 of them are about to be shipped out of the city for good.  At least...until 2019 when the city plans to revisit and take in public comment.

This got me thinking: how would you feel if Boise kicked out the scooters? Have you had a chance to ride one yet?

One of my co-workers has been taking one to lunch during the work day and it just seems like such a fun way to get out of the office. While I've only ridden them a few times, it has made getting to Taco Bell Arena from my office a breeze.

What are your thoughts? Are you loving the scooters or finding them to be in the way?

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