Every year, one toy seems to be more popular than all of the rest. While Christmas might feel a long way out, it's really not that many weeks away and smart parents are trying to secure great gifts early.  Shopping holidays, like Black Friday, aren't what they once were. These days, we're used to shopping online and scouring the web for great deals.

Locally--one particular toy has has the internet and local Costco shoppers upside down. A deal so great and a toy so popular--people are teaming up to try and get their hands on them at just about any cost.

Here's a look at the drama unfolding right here in the Treasure Valley...

Treasure Valley Reacts In A Frenzy Over Costco Toy Deal

Here's a look at the insanity happening at all three of our local Costco locations...

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Have you ever heard of the show 'Bluey'? 

If you aren't a parent or if your kids are grown up these days

The "Ultimate Mega Set" that local Costco shoppers are going crazy for includes:

  • 28 Accessories
  • 14 Characters
  • 4 Rooms, 2 Stories
  • 1 vehicle

If you can believe it, all of this is priced at just $54.99.  We've heard from several local shoppers that say in some stores and websites, you'll pay that same price for less than a third of what this big kit includes.

It's impossible to know when Costco is stocking this toy up--but our best word of advice if you're trying to get in on this is to follow local Costco groups on Facebook that are monitoring the situation closely. Or, just make really, really good friends with a Costco insider.

Just two months ago, an online frenzy was built up not over a 'deal' at Costco, but because of a new food court offering! 

Boise Internet Swoons Over Costco Menu Addition

It's the little things in life that can often make us the happiest! Let's talk about this new Costco menu item that everyone is raving about!

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Did you ever get to try the new item? We love the classic hot dog! 

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