Have you heard of the Boise Ale Trail App? I have not until today and now, I'm totally pumped to check this out.

While living in Spokane, Washington a couple of years ago--there was a huge Spokane Ale Trail that actually covered a lot of the "Inland Northwest" and visiting more breweries meant more big prizes. Needless to say, I "stumbled" my way into some great prizes that are keepsakes of my time in Spokane.

Obviously, these types of Ale Trails help out ALL of our local breweries because as that scene grows, there are many that not even I have been to! The cool part about Boise's Ale Trail is that no purchase is necessary, you just "check-in" by opening the app while in the brewery and your passport is stamped!

Once you visit 12 local breweries that are included in the app, you can claim your prize from the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau!

Find out more, HERE.

What are you waiting for!? Search for Boise Ale Trail in your app store, NOW!

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