The Treasure Valley is home to so many different breweries – it almost feels like we’re spoiled. 

We may not have a brewery around every corner, like Bend, Oregon, but we sure are giving them a run for their money!



How many breweries do we have?

In Idaho, we are currently ranked 12th in the nation for breweries per capita.

As of 2021, we have 6.1 breweries per 100,000 21+ adults. 

And in the Boise area alone, we currently have over 20 breweries.

Not too bad, Idaho… Not too bad.


So imagine our excitement when we heard that another local favorite is opening a new location in Garden City THIS weekend!

Let’s just say, the excitement level is high.


Which brewery is it?

Clairvoyant Brewing Company is a local craft microbrewery that has been located in the heart of downtown Boise. 

Just this week they announced the long awaited grand opening of their new Garden City location starting today, July 15. 

Facebook/Clairvoyant Brewing Company
Facebook/Clairvoyant Brewing Company


They plan to add more hours this upcoming week, and eventually food trucks as well, but locals are already raving about this new location!

“I miss living down the street. Open up the new location soon please!” - Jeromy Esplin


“NICE – we miss Thirsty Thursday and Frank’s Hot Dogs.” - Jack McGee


“Can’t wait! See you then!” - Lori Hardisty


Where is it located?

The address to their new location is:

9115 W Chinden Blvd

Garden City, Idaho


For more information on their grand opening and new location, click here

And party on, Boise!


But in the meantime, check out alllllll the cool breweries we currently have in the Treasure Valley...

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