Tragic news out of my own neighborhood: late last night/this morning, an argument turned fatal when a shooting happened at a house on the bench in Boise.

Nineteen year old Briana Martinez was pronounced dead at Saint Alphonsus early Monday morning. Her death has been ruled a homicide. 

I was shocked to see that this was so close to my house. I heard nothing and didn't see any police presence on my way to work this morning even though I live just blocks away. The shooting happened just before midnight after neighbors say they heard screams and shots fired from inside the house. By the time cops got there, the suspect(s) were already gone and three people were left shot inside. 

Police are still looking for the shooters and what led to it. "We're currently investigating what else occurred here," he said. "We do know that some type of disturbance preceded the shooting, but we don't know what the content of that was."

KTVB reports that neighbor Donna Hughes said the woman who was killed lived at the home with her family, adding that Martinez "brightened up the neighborhood."

Hughes said Martinez was always smiling and polite, and was well-loved in the close-knit neighborhood.

"She was a wonderful young lady, and I just want that to be known," Hughes said.

Anyone who witnessed the shooting or has information about the suspects is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS.


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