I'm leaving the house this morning with signs everywhere about a community yard sale. It's brilliant to have one for your neighborhood because it's built-in customers for that old television that you can still put a DVD in (I'll take it).

I always miss them. I'm looking at Instagram this morning when my friend (who is plugged into everything) posts about a simple warehouse kind of sale. I would typically scroll past but it was Maggie O'Mara from KTVB and this isn't your ordinary yard sale, It's a Boise Boys sale happening this weekend.

Warehouse Sale with Boise Boys Saturday for Boise Rescue Mission

There is no way to explain how much love this community has for each other. We spread the messages, tag our friends and show up when it counts. We're in love with our neighbors and that goes the same with the Boise Rescue Mission.

The Boise Boys are beloved in the Treasure Valley from their hit show on HGTV. The boys flip our houses and entertain us at the same time. Yet, I can barely hang the new ceiling fan, this is my jam.

The guys are introducing HGTV fans to their new show, Outgrown. This is their new series that is also on HGTV and Discovery Plus. These guys are on fire and it just makes it even more special when they give back. Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell will be having the best sale ever in the form of a Warehouse Sale that includes the following:

  • Staging Furniture
  • Construction Items
  • Maybe a big hug from the boys

All the proceeds go to the Boise Rescue Mission which is a staple in our community. We're extremely excited for their new show and will proudly watch, "those are our boys!"


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