The Boise Boys Clint and Luke are back as hosts for HGTV's new show 'Outgrown', debuting this weekend. See what they're up to now!

The Boise Boys are back to doing what they do best; renovating homes! But in this case, it's for families that are growing! According to HGTV's website, "Every family goes through changes, and Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson renovate homes for those who are growing up, busting out and changing in every way imaginable. When these guys are finished, each home is as unique as the people who live there." The cool thing here is... It's for growing families right here in Boise! No, they didn't forget about their roots. In fact, they're doing more to make homes great right here in the Treasure Valley.

Luke Caldwell and Clint Robinson are best friends, known for their hit show "Boise Boys", and it's so cool to see what they're up to in this new adventure. We generally do a pretty good job with keeping you up to date on the Boise Boys. If you check out this link, you can see Boise Boys AirBNB's you can rent, some of their renovated homes that are for sale and more! Now, beginning Saturday, you'll be able to catch their new HGTV series 'Outgrown". Pretty cool! Take a cook at KTVB's reporting on the announcement of this new show that they did all the way back in May of this year. Oh and hey, congrats to the Boise Boys on their new show!

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