Few things beat a home cooked meal--even when you're at the best of local restaurants. One man in particular, has found a way to make both of those worlds collide in Boise not just with his latest restaurant and catering operation--but he's done it time and time again over years here in the Treasure Valley.

We're lucky to have him--and The James Beard Foundation agrees. Inspired by the home cooking of his grandmother, which make his restaurant and cooking so special, he is once again named a nominee and semifinalist for Chef Of The Year by the prestigious group.

Just one year ago--CBS News sat down with a local treasure and featured just how much love and attention to detail goes into this downtown Boise restaurant:

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Have you ever had the chance to eat at Ansots? 

Referred to as 'The Oscars' of food--being a Semifinalist for a Beard Award is a big deal--for both Ansotegui and our community.

Spend any time in the Treasure Valley at all and you will understand the rich Basque History in our area and how strongly it shapes the culture here. Even mutter the name Dan Ansotegui and everyone around you will say-- "Dan? I know Dan!"

More popular than any athlete, politician, or public figure in the City of Boise, Dan Ansotegui really is THE man when it comes to authentic, delicious, and locally crafted Basque cuisine. Hundreds if not thousands of young adults can probably say that he was one of their favorite teachers growing up in the local catholic school system and even more can say they left one of his restaurants or catered events in AWE at the flavors and totally wanting more.

Few local businesses are as worthy as Ansots to have been featured on a national stage like Dan Ansotegui's 'Ansots' was just a year ago and that is why his nomination (once again) is so deserved!

There are two other Idaho nominees for Chef of The Year--making three total!

  • Salvador Alamilla, Amano, Caldwell, ID
  • Dan Ansotegui, Ansots, Boise, ID
  • Ben Barlow and Heather Logan, Stanley Supper Club, Stanley, ID


Interested in checking out Ansots? You should be--check them out HERE.

Watch the entire feature below: 

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