Looking for a job? Trying to change up your current gig? A locally ran company is expanding which means jobs, jobs, jobs!

Vacasa is a vacation home rental service and they've recently received a $103.5 million investment. It's awesome to see this kind of money coming into town which in turn, means more employment opportunities for our own, right here in the Treasure Valley. Its current 100 person workforce is expanding by 30.

The job listings, which can be found by clicking HERE, span from Portland, Oregon where CEO Eric Breon currently lives, through the Treasure Valley and even as far east as Maryland.  Currently, there are 11 job postings that span from marketing to sales right here in Boise.

Vacasa has been in business since 2009 and is it located right downtown Boise. You may be familiar with Airbnb, a popular vacation rental company that has an app right on your phone and is steering many away from conventional hotels.  Similar to that model, Vacasa actually manages the homes that are on it's site, versus individual owners.

Next time you're looking for a vacation rental, check out Vacasa and see if you can find something to keep that money local!  Who knows, land a job with them and maybe you'll get an employee discount!

For more on Vacasa, click HERE.

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