John Calipari is a big name in basketball. He's a Naismith Hall of Fame coach, he's been to the Final Four several times, he's won National Championships, sent over 40 players to the NBA...and he's a fan of DK Donuts.

Of course, John Calipari was here in Boise for a few days with his University of Kentucky men's basketball team. More on how they fared in the tournament by clicking HERE.

While in town, however, Calipari made his rounds to some local establishments and it's DK Donuts, a locally owned donut shop in North downtown Boise that really impressed him. In fact, he was impressed enough to tweet about it:

How cool is this? I'm assuming since DK is near the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, he probably attended Mass at that local Catholic parish before diving into some DK Donuts!

According to the University of Kentucky's student run publication, coffee at Dunkin' Donuts is a ritual of Calipari's and with there being no such place here in Boise-- DK's it was.

With DK Donuts now getting so much attention for being a favorite of this legendary coach's, I'm wondering...who has the best donuts in Boise? Post up and let me know your thoughts!

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