You hear it every single year "wow, my bracket is done for" and of course the internet reminds us of how "broken" our brackets all are by about the end of the second round of March Madness, too.

Here we are, days away from the beginning of the Sweet Sixteen and yes...all of our brackets are feeling a LITTLE broken at least. Whether it was Michigan State falling to an 11 seed or that team with a golden retriever as a mascot that nobody has heard of, dominating the #1 overall team University of Virginia...nobody has a perfect bracket left.

Boise had a special tie to these first two rounds of March Madness because thousands of fans flocked to town and even more, to Taco Bell Arena, to watch the action. We were lucky enough to host 3 of the country's top programs, as well.  What began as 8 teams, however, ended with two victorious programs that flew out of Boise preparing for the next round. I was lucky enough to get to attend all but two of the games that went on at Taco Bell Arena and the energy was unbelievable.

By the time Saturday came around, 2 games (four teams) remained. Two NCAA powers Gonzaga and Ohio State faced off and in the second game, an underdog (UNiversity of Buffalo) took on a legendary program that is the University of Kentucky. It was crazy watching the spirit of the underdog that Boise holds so dear (thanks to Boise State football) actively cheer so loud for Buffalo. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

Boise's champions were Gonzaga University (Go Zags), and the University of Kentucky. It will be fun to see how far these teams make it after leaving Boise.

Gonzaga goes on to play Xavier (a #1 seed) in a rematch from last years march madness and Kentucky will be taking on a tough Kansas State University team (a #9 seed).

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