Proving that imitation is the superb form of flattery, the mayor of Boise follows the lead of other liberal elites by declaring Boise will be 'carbon neutral' by the year 2050. You recall fellow West Coast Liberal California Governor Gavin Newsome made a similar declaration last September. Newsome wants to get rid of all gasoline-powered vehicles to lower carbon emissions.

Wednesday, McLean held a press event detailing her plan for Boise. She is the same mayor who has had her second press secretary quit in less than a year. She ordered police to enforce her mask mandates while threatening Boise Business with revoking their licenses to operate if they refused to follow her orders.

The Boise City Council recently voted to move the entire city to be carbon neutral by 2035. The vote was unanimous. The mayor and her followers giddily say they'll be changing several policies, which will cost more money. But, in typical liberal thinking, Boise officials tell Channel 7 that the increased costs will eventually pay for themselves. For example, the city will be moving to electric garbage trucks beginning this fall.

You can read their entire plan for you here.  It seems to be more like wishful thinking, than a realistic plan for the future.  Here are the objectives that appear to be something out of the liberal fantasyland.

Use Less Energy  (Gee, who came up with that brilliant idea?)

Drive less and travel differently (So McLean and the crew will limit how much I can use my vehicle?  Travel differently?  Do they want us to take a bus instead of a plane?

Reduce and Reuse I can't comment on that one?  Are we going to be recycling waste water to drink?

McLean should reassess her priorities to reflect the values of the people who live in her city.  She has yet to comment on the embarrassing loss of the city's Fourth of July Parade.  Yet, she can create a liberal wish list that rivals her radical colleagues in Portland and Seattle.  What's next, will she follow the statements of AOC and President Biden that Global Warming is our biggest threat to national security.

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