Boise Factory Outlets in East Boise off I-84 has had a hard time in it's 28 years keeping stores open and attracting regular shoppers. It first opened with a boom the day after Thanksgiving in 1993 and had a few good years here and there but for the most part  has steadily declined since. A new owner is making plans to change it all.

According to Boisedev and Idaho Statesman, a Salt Lake City company that has become a major developer in the Treasure Valley are the new owners. The Gardner Company also built the 18-story Eighth & Main building in downtown Boise. , is the new owner. The Salt Lake City company is a major Treasure Valley developer with an office in Boise.

Since the Outlet Mall plan has tried and for the most part failed for almost 30 years, the new owners are taking a completely different approach saying it is not likely to remain an outlet mall. So what will they do with it?

Most likely it will be modified slightly to accommodate for light industrial or office-flex buildings. The company said they have already heard interest from local tradespeople, including electricians and tile installers, interested in space there. These type of industries not only need office and business space but vast parking for a fleet of company vehicles and large trucks or vans. The outlet mall can easily accommodate. Being right off the interstate also make access to just about anywhere in the Valley pretty easy.

There is a small possibility the whole thing could be torn down and converted into a new housing development but that is unlikely due to zoning.

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