The summer is over, and college football season has begun. Someone forgot to tell the coaching staff at Boise State that they were playing an opponent that could embarrass them on national television. In fact, the Broncos were embarrassed Saturday night, losing to an Oregon State team 34-17. The game was not as close as the score indicated. The Beavers dropped several balls that were sure touchdowns.  

One must wonder what the revamped coaching staff did during their off-season preparation. Last year's inexperienced coaching staff was shown the door with no objective media coverage, replaced by folks who had been coaching at this level for years. Too bad their experience did not show in last night's effort from the Broncos.  

The offensive line continues to be a challenge. The Beavers, one of the worst defenses in college football last year, looked like the 85 Bears against a porous Boise State offensive line. Once again, quarterback Hank Bachmeier was pressured, and once again, he threw two interceptions and fumbled away another turnover. The former four-star quarterback was benched in favor of redshirt freshman Taylen Green.  

Mr. Green was under duress all night but could avoid the rush. We have seen the future of the Boise State offense under current offensive coordinator Tim Plough. Have Mr. Green avoid the rush, run for the first down, or throw a five-yard pass to the running back. Where are Brett Rypien, Kellen Moore, and Jared Zabransky when we need them the most?  

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