There are no days off for successful college football programs, and in honor of their dedication, we're working today to provide insight into what happened during the Boise State loss against Oregon State. We may not be the most hard-core, dedicated, or knowledgeable college football fans, but we do our best, and sometimes the truth hurts!

What Happened Saturday Night?

We will rely on the die-hard Boise State Football fans who watched the same game we all did Saturday night. We begin with great insight from former Bronco and genius marketer Alex Guerrero.

Mr. Guerrero refers to the days when everyone in the area would wait to see the game plan former Boise State Coach Chris Petersen would develop in the off-season to allow the Broncos to beat Power Five schools.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Petersen was known that if he were given an off-season to prepare his team, they would be at the very least competitive with much more prominent, better-financed schools. Coach Petersen's crowning moments led the Broncos to wins against Virginia Tech and Georgia on the East Coast despite being double-digit underdogs.

Saturday night's Bronco offense looked like it had been thrown together in ten minutes. The offense line did not allow the quarterback time to throw the ball. The running backs were stuffed at the line of scrimmage. The receivers could night find a replacement for future NFL star Khalil Shakir.

Boise State's Offensive Direction Is?

Ron Prince
Offensive Coordinator Tim Plough


Coach Plough has failed to adjust his zeal for the run/pass option offense. Last year, many former players criticized the offense for lacking the personnel to carry out Plow's agenda, particularly on the offensive line. Saturday night's game was a complete failure of offensive football. The only positive offensive yards were produced by Taylen Green running for his life and throwing five-yard passes to the running backs.

Coach Plough was highly touted as an offensive guru when Coach Avalos hired him two years ago. The coach continues to drive the offense in a backward direction instead of adjusting his scheme to fit his player's strengths. Coach Plough took a shot at the fans last year by saying the area has so many 'offensive coordinators.' Perhaps Coach Avalos should hire one before he loses his job?


As reported here, this was Boise State's biggest game in several years. Does anyone believe last night's team belongs in the Pac-12 or the Big 10? Boise State continues to live off the big wins that get increasingly distant yearly. One has to wonder who is running the show. The football coach tells us it's about accountability. The athletic director tells us it's about making money. And the president is on the field dressed up in her orange and blue. Where are the professionals?  

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